• Amy Wright

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I have experience planning for all types of travelers including children with autism and multi-generational families.

  • Briana Collins

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Once upon a time, a little girl named Briana visited Walt Disney World at the age of 5. She was in awe of the magical place and thus, sparked an obsession that has followed her into adulthood.

    Briana is known as the “Disney Junkie” among family and friends! She simply can’t get enough of the “Paint the Night” parade at Disneyland, wishing upon a star at Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World, or the interactive dining experiences at sea on-board the Disney cruise line. The magic of Disney is almost surreal and she loves how she is taken to ‘a whole new world’ with each visit. Her passion for Disney far surpasses the resorts and people who know her are not surprised to see her adorned in princess t-shirts and Mickey Mouse purses. She now shares her passion with her 2 young children.

    Briana enjoys planning and her love for Disney comes across in her work. She is dedicated to sharing the magic and wonderment with others so they can make their own beautiful memories. “Everyone needs a little bit of Disney in their lives,” she says. “It goes a long way. And a little pixie dust doesn’t hurt either.”

  • Charlotte Swint

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    How can Charlotte help you to plan the Disney trip of your dreams?

    Charlotte is from the Atlanta area, so trips to the Disney World parks and resorts have been a part of her childhood, but she discovered the true magic of Disney traveling as an Auntie with her sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. Spending time with her family and sharing experiences in the Disney World and Disneyland parks and resorts has been a highlight of watching her niece and nephew grow up. Her family has also been on 2 Disney cruises.

    Charlotte is a nurse and has also been a program director, so she understands how to listen to families, how to make helpful suggestions, and how to calmly help with any distractions that may impact the magic of a Disney vacation. Charlotte also has attended continuing education meetings at Disney and can make suggestions on how a family with a person who must sit in education meetings all day can optimize Disney magic with the time that is spend with family in friends.

    Because of Charlotte’s nursing experience in taking care of children with special needs and with caring for older adults, she can offer suggestions about how each family member can experience Disney magic in his or her own way. Also, Charlotte has a food allergy as do her niece and nephew, so she can offer suggestions about how to navigate Disney and enjoy the food while being mindful of allergens.

    Charlotte has also been to the Disney Parks by herself. Going to a park as an adult without the gear that a family requires is a completely different and wonderful experience.

    Charlotte has also been on too many cruises to count on Royal Caribbean and Carnival. If you are interested in a cruise, please give her a call to discuss tips and strategies for maximizing time for fun and time for relaxation. Please see the quick summary below of Disney experiences that Charlotte is excited to share with you.

  • Debra Ferrara

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    I have been a Disney Vacation Club Member for 26 years and life long Disney Fan. I visited Disney World too many times to count and enjoyed every trip. Nothing can beat a Disney Cruise for family fun. I enjoy planning vacations for others to have family fun and magical experiences.

    When our family was in Disney World for Christmas we would enjoy one of the tours offered and it was a very special Christmas treat.

    There is not a Disney restaurant I have not enjoyed.

    Visiting Universal was also a blast. The hotel experiences are unique and truly a family experience.

    I’ve cruised on Royal Caribbean many times as well and planning excursions and just a relaxing day at sea was a pleasure.

    Assisting families in planning vacation time is something I’m very passionate about and feel it is very important time for everyone.

  • Denise Howard

    Personal Vacation Advisor - Team Leader

    Denise or as her friends call her Disney Denise, has been traveling to Walt Disney World since 1993 and she is having a blast introducing her son to the Disney Magic.

    Denise has been planning her friends and family’s vacations for years, from Disney vacations to Cruises to All-Inclusive resorts. Denise loves helping people who have never been to Walt Disney World. She tries to make them feel less overwhelmed and tell them to just let the magic take over once you step foot into the parks. Denise loves to hear from clients when they get home telling her they can’t wait to go again.

    If you can’t find her at Walt Disney World Denise can be found on a cruise. She loves exploring the different ports and learning the local cultures.

    Denise says people always ask how she can go to the same place for vacation and not get bored; her answer is there is always something different to try or do when you go.

    Areas of focus: Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Lines, Adventures by Disney, Dining Recommendations, Family trips, Cruises.

  • Hannah Johnson

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Hannah likes to claim she grew up at Disney. Living less than 2 hours away as a child, many of her fond family memories involve trips to Disney, thanks to her family’s annual passes. Now that she’s grown and living in Atlanta, she goes back every chance she gets. Visiting Disney is still a family affair for Hannah and her family, so coordinating vacations that everyone will love has been a critical skill. Hannah joined Magical Vacation Planner in 2015 to help others plan their magical vacations as well!

    Whether you’re a first time guest, or a seasoned park hopper, there is always something new to see and do at Disney. Hannah is looking forward to helping you see it all!

  • Jenni Murphy

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Jenni is a licensed Respiratory Therapist and works at the local children’s hospital. Jenni’s love for all things Disney started at a very young age with her first trip to Walt Disney World with her family. She can remember staying at the Wilderness Lodge and marveling at the geyser and the spectacular view of the water parade. Jenni is married to her real life Prince Charming, Aaron and they have two little princesses, Emmi and Anni Grace. She now enjoys, more than anything else, taking her family to Walt Disney World and also on Disney Cruises. Seeing her little girl’s faces light up at the sight of Cinderella’s Castle is priceless.

  • Jennifer L Farrow

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Jennifer enjoys planning trips to Walt Disney World almost as much as the trip itself and would love to share her experiences traveling with her family in order to assist you in creating the best resort, dining experiences, and suggested itinerary for your family. She prides herself in helping families experience all of their Disney priorities with her knowledge of attractions, shows, special events, and the Disney transportation to help you navigate the parks.

    Her passion for Disney expands to the high seas sailing on Disney Cruise Line. Jennifer will help you choose the best stateroom, dining possibilities, on board character experiences, and port adventures.

    Jennifer believes that the greatest joy in life is making memories with family and friends. The greatest of these happen at Disney and Jennifer is dedicated to helping you create your Disney memories.

  • Jessica Sperry

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Jessica has been in love with Disney since she was a small child. There is just something about stepping foot on the property that makes everyone a child again, and believe in magic. As a wife, and now mother, she loves making that experience come to life for her own children and other families as well.

    Jessica loves taking her knowledge and experience with Disney to help other families make the most out of their vacations, and to have the best time possible. There’s so much to see and do at Disney, and she loves making all that come to life for her clients.

  • Kaszya Saldana

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Kaszya has a deep passion for Disney. It all started when she was a little girl. Her parents would take her & little brothers to Disneyland and they would have the time of their life. Her first Disney memory was sitting on the curb on Main Street & watching the Electrical Parade as all the floats passed by & cast members would throw beaded necklaces to all the little children jumping up & down, hoping to grab as many necklaces as they could.

    Fast forward to today, she has visited Disneyland many more times as an adult. Now that she has a family of her own, her & her husband, Joe, take their twin little girls to Disneyworld as often as they can. Since they live just a few hours from Orlando, they decided to purchase Annual passes. Just last year, the Saldana family visited Disneyworld 7 times & is currently planning their future trip.

    When Kaszya isn’t having a blast at Disneyworld, she is a full time mom, wife and works for the United States Air Force.

  • Lily Santana

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    I was born in Cuba and grew up in New York City.
    I am known as a Disney nerd and have been visiting the park with my hubby for the last 35 years! I really think it has kept us young.

    As an annual pass holder, we travel frequently in different seasons of the year to always be up-to-date. Specializing in Deluxe vacations; if you are a couple, boomer, senior, or a family that appreciates the extra pampering, you’ve come to the right place.

    I believe there is no other place in the world where u will feel that you are visiting different countries (Epcot) or are on a safari (Animal Kingdom) without having to repack your luggage. All in a family-friendly atmosphere.

    Your Disney vacation can satisfy not just your silly side but also the sophisticated one as well. It’s not just for kids. The gorgeous hotels, first-class restaurants, golf, spa treatments, dessert parties, can also make it a luxurious place. Whether inland or cruise, it’s time to travel!

    Nací en Cuba y crecí en la ciudad de Nueva York. Todos me conocen como un “nerd ” de Disney y he visitado el parque con mi esposo durante los últimos 35 años! Creo que esto nos ha mantenido jóvenes.

    Con el pase anual viajamos frecuentemente en diferentes temporadas del año para estar al día. Especializo en vacaciones de lujo, si usted es una pareja, viene solo, es mayor, o una familia que simplemente aprecia lo extra, ha venido al lugar perfecto.

    Creo que no hay otro lugar en el mundo donde se sentirá que está visitando diferentes países (Epcot) o estasen un safari (Animal Kingdom) sin tener que re-hacer su equipaje.

    Le mostraré que sus vacaciones de Disney pueden satisfacer no sólo el encanto de niñez que quiere recuperar (cruceros de pirata) pero su gusto sofisticado también. Los magníficos hoteles, restaurantes de primera clase, golf, tratamientos de spa, y toques adicionales le hará a usted un gran fan tambien. Ya sea en tierra o en crucero, es hora de viajar!

  • Lisa Brooks

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    There’s no vacation as magical as a Walt Disney World vacation! Its my favorite place to spend time with my family and create magical memories to last a lifetime. As much as I love vacationing at Walt Disney World, I enjoy planning trips just as much!

    My family and I travel to Walt Disney World several times a year and love trying the restaurants, resorts, special events, parties, tours, and experiences. I love that Walt Disney World is such a big destination and there are always new and exciting things to enjoy.

    Sometimes Walt Disney World is so big, it can seem overwhelming. That is where having a Disney Travel Agent is beneficial to customizing YOUR perfect vacation. My services are free for you and can make your experience stress free. Imagine having your own personal concierge dedicated to making your trip easy, effortless, and of course Magical.

    Call or Email me for a free quote today.

  • Lisa Milam

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    My love for all things Disney started back in 1983 when my parents took me to Walt Disney World for the first time. All it took was “one little spark” and I fell in love. Little did I know that the next year I would be living 15 minutes from Disneyland where my family would be annual pass holders and go to the park as often as we could. Several years later, we moved to Georgia and I have been going to Walt Disney World at least once a year ever since.

    The Disney magical “spark” has rubbed off on my husband and step-daughter as well. We are continuing my annual trip tradition by traveling to a Disney park each year. We enjoy taking the behind the stage tours and absorbing the Disney knowledge as well as trying a new restaurant each visit. Even with the amount of times I have been to Walt Disney World, I always come home with a new magical experience to share.

    My friends call me The Disney Geek because of my wealth of knowledge about Walt Disney and the legacy he has left us. I can’t imagine a world where Disney magic didn’t exist. My favorite character at Walt Disney World is Figment at EPCOT’s Journey Into Imagination Pavilion. Probably because Figment teaches you to use your imagination which is what Disney did. He had his own “one little spark of inspiration” and imagined this place where families could go have fun together and today, with help from people all over the world, his dream is a reality.

    My goal is to assist you find your “spark” of magic. Whether that be at any of the Disney parks, Universal Studios or enjoying a relaxing cruise, I will be here to assist any way I can and add that extra “spark” a magic to any trip.

  • Margaret Spinks

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    I have had a life-long love of all things Disney. I have done my best to pass on this love to my nieces, nephews, and my own three children over the past 25 years. For 22 of those 25 years, we were a military family. We had the fortune to live overseas as well as in the central and southeastern United States. No matter where we were being sent, we have always tried to celebrate our moves with vacations to Disney. The best thing about those visits is even though the park seemed to be constantly changing, it always felt like we never left and we were able to relax and escape for a while.

    I am excited for the opportunity to help other families make memories that will last a lifetime wherever they choose to vacation.

  • Stephanie Fowler

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Stephanie grew up in a family that valued traveling and making memories together. Stephanie believes making memories with her family and friends is far more important than material things. For that reason she chooses to vacation with her family often. When she got married, she and her husband took their honeymoon to Walt Disney World. When their daughter was two years old, they introduced her to the magic. Over the years, they have visited Walt Disney World numerous times, experienced Disneyland and California Adventures, and cruised several times with Disney Cruise Lines. Even after numerous Disney trips, all three of them still shriek with excitement when driving by the Welcome sign at Walt Disney World, or when they first see the ship at Port Canaveral. It is difficult to choose a favorite Disney memory when the list includes watching your three year old daughter squeal with delight through an entire afternoon parade on Main Street, riding the classic It’s a Small World in Disneyland, seeing the Fireworks at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, receiving a birthday surprise from Mickey Mouse, or watching the sunrise over the open ocean from your veranda aboard a Disney cruise.

    Stephanie and her family marked off a bucket list item last year when they were able to visit all four theme parks in Walt Disney World in one day. They were at Animal Kingdom to see the sunrise over Pandora, and watched the sunset behind Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom. They walked many miles that day and visited all of their favorite attractions with the help of the FastPass + program. A few months later, Stephanie planned a completely different vacation for her best friend. For this first Disney World vacation, their family wanted more time at the resort and a more leisurely stroll through the parks.

    When planning an eight night multi-city tour of Southern California, Stephanie spent hours searching for the perfect destinations, hotels, tours, and attractions to please everyone in her family. Planning ahead and looking at all of the options is just as fun as the vacation. Stephanie wants to have all of the advanced planning done so that when she puts the suitcase in the car, there will be no more worries. She and her family have also experienced the exhilaration of packing the car and starting an unplanned vacation with only a map and some travel apps.

    Regardless of which type of vacation suits you, Stephanie can help you make the perfect plan.
    With her attention to detail, Stephanie can put together a memorable vacation. Whatever the occasion, size of group, or vacation style, Stephanie can find the perfect Disney vacation to please everyone in your group.

  • Virginia McClure

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    I am a wife, mother, high school teacher/coach,theater performer, and a vacation planner! I have lived in Georgia my entire life, and the only place that I could think of that I would ever move out of Georgia for is Disney World! I have been married for almost 24 years and have two children: a girl aged 22, and a boy aged 20. My children and I love Disney World, and try to go at least once a year. My husband “tolerates” our addiction!