• Caroline Mazza

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Walt himself said it best, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
    Hi! I’m Caroline and I have been obsessed with all things Disney since I was a little girl! I always dreamed of working for Disney as a princess, but unfortunately I don’t meet the height requirement! (Thanks MOM and DAD) On a real note, I am so excited to be working as a Magical Vacation Planner. I recently graduated from UNC Wilmington with a B.A. in Political Science, and I am so happy to begin this next journey with you all. I have been planning my own vacations for years and I would love to help you with yours! I can fully customize your vacation based on you/your family’s needs, so let’s get to know each other! Remember, all it takes is faith, trust and pixie dust!

  • Christy Oppelt

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    I have been a Disney fanatic since a child when I visited with my parents. Now that I have 3 children of my own we enjoying visiting Disney as often as possible. The joy on a child’s face when they first see Mickey Mouse and give Cinderella a hug is nothing short of awe inspiring. There is nothing like a Disney vacation filled with magic, wonder and a whole lot of fun! Even after visiting Disney for several years I still get that excited when i get to put on my “ears” and become a kid again.

    I love helping others plan their own Disney vacations. Let me help you plan a magical vacation with memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Lisa Graham

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Hi ! My name is Lisa and I would love to help you plan the most magical vacation you can imagine. My husband and our 2 sons are big fans of fun and it is my pleasure to use my experience as a traveler to help my clients take full advantage of all that Disney has to offer so that they can make magical memories of their own.

    I realize that everyone is different and as your vacation planner I will help you find the vacation that is just right for you. With so much to choose from–theme parks, cruises, destinations, and adventures around the world–there’s something for everyone. I promise to give you honest advice, up-to-date tips and detailed itineraries to make it a trip of a lifetime. Contact me to to start planning your next dream vacation!

  • Melissa Simpson

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    They took one last look, tears in their eyes, and whispered: “Thanks Mom, this has been the best week of our whole lives.”

    In that moment, Melissa knew giving a person the best time of their life was her calling.

    Melissa and her husband have a large Disney family. With 5 children to plan for, Melissa’s experience began with her own annual Disney trips. Year over year, planning a magical time for her family of diverse travelers.

    Melissa is your Disney Family Expert.

    She works with people of all lifestyles from luxury to those on a tight budget. Delivering the dream experience to all. And customizing her service to your needs.

    As a mom of 5, she gets it. Your trip will include all complimentary activities available to your family. Melissa provides clients with an experience that meets their unique vision of perfection.

    A mom and a Project Manager, she is a skilled multi-tasker who handles many things at once so you don’t have to. All leading up to one grand finale, your vacation.

    Melissa became the unofficial Disney consultant to her family and friends. They all said she should “do it for a living”. After hearing it dozens of times, Melissa finally decided to follow her calling.

    She uses her passion for sharing the magic to enhance every aspect of your family vacation. After all, the best way to start a vacation is to relax and let someone else do the work.

    Get in touch with Melissa, today, and give your family the best moment of their lives!

  • Sarah Schmitt

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m super excited to help you plan your dream vacation! I grew up on Disney movies so naturally my love for Disney grew up with me. Anywhere you go whether its on the cruise or to a park it will truly be magical and I cannot wait to help you get to your desitination!

  • Sherry Whiten

    Personal Vacation Advisor

    Hi, my name is Sherry. I am a mom of three children and I am married to a wonderful husband. I have a love and passion for Disney that began at a very early age. I have travelled to Disney many times and each time is as special and holds as much wonder and excitement as the first. There’s just no other feeling like hearing the words Welcome Home! I have stayed at different Disney resorts and have had the opportunity to experience many wonderful meals at both table service and quick service restaurants. My family and I have sailed many times with Disney Cruise Line which is something we look forward to every year. I truly enjoy sharing my love for Disney with others and would love to help you plan a magical vacation.