• Quinn Mann

    Personal Travel Advisor

    Hey there, I am married and have four kidsranging from ages 8years to 24years old and currently two granddaughters. . We have been traveling to Disney World as a family for many years, I’ll never forget the first time we surprised the kids with a trip in 2004, it was amazing. Ever since that trip we haven’t stopped going and each visit is just as magical, if not more, than the last. I was also fortunate to have gone as a child with my family and continuing to create memories with my kids and grandkids is an amazing experience. We love everything from shows and rides to eating at so many different restaurants and exploring all that there is to do and see.

    I look forward to helping others plan their trips so they can have such wonderful memories with their families and friends. Giving advice and opinions on resorts and restaurants is definitely something I can help you with. As well as for anyone who may have any special medical issues or concerns while visiting. I, myself have been a Type1 diabetic my entire life as well as one of my sons. So the experience with that and how to manage can definitely be super helpful if you have any concerns or other medical or special needs while there.