Magical Vacation Planner Preferred Destinations

As a single mom and lawyer, I love Disney because it offers a break from the chaos of daily life. I simply love that you can disappear into the Magic… I mean MICKEY will visit you during a dinner that you don’t have to cook!!! As a small business owner, and mom-preneur, I believe in doing what you love and loving what you do. I love Disney for always making our vacations memorable and accommodating my family’s needs without hesitation. My son has physical special needs and food allergies. I have never had to stress those differences when we are in the Parks or Resorts. Our Disney trips are a respite from those day-to-day worries for me. My personal Disney experiences range from multiple single and multi-family Disney World trips, RunDisney Girl Trips (Yes! … I have Dopey-ed) and a magical cruise experience with our extended family.

Other than Disney, I love spending time with my tribe of family and friends. I love live music and fun dining experiences (Disney offers both of those year round!). I decided to become a Disney planner to help support my daughter’s competitive dance experience… and because I believe in the Magic of Disney and want to help everyone have magical memories to last a lifetime! I have have been blessed to “do Disney” with my kids, their aunts and uncles, my nieces and nephews, my mom and some of my closest friends. Disney, for us, is about capturing life’s fleeting moments and spending quality time together.

I look forward to helping you have plan an amazing trip that I will be jealous of… because I’m always jealous of anyone who is hanging out with Mickey while I’m home doing the laundry:)