Magical Vacation Planner Preferred Destinations

It should come as no surprise that my favorite character is Sorcerer Mickey, because in my head, he’s kind of the orchestrator of the whole shebang. The first Disney movie I remember watching was Fantasia, and there he was, making sure everything happened in perfect timing, dealing with last minute surprises, and planning, calculating, and organizing to ensure the show went on! This is exactly how I approach travel: I’m your own personal Sorcerer Mickey, making the magic happen with the help of some pixie dust and a whole lot of knowledge and organization. Let’s turn your Disney Wishes into Disney Plans! I know firsthand how amazing and yet amazingly intense planning your first (or fourth or four-hundredth) Disney trip can be, and I’m here to help! I’ve developed some pretty awesome planning resources and must-dos that I’d love to share to make your vacation the best it can be!

We visit the mouse roughly every 18 months, with a trip to Universal thrown in here and there, and we travel the north-eastern United States throughout the year. Our girls have been going since they were in utero, and we’ve experienced traveling with every age and stage of baby to toddler to kiddo to sassy 8 year old! We love trying new resorts and dining experiences, though we’ll probably always consider Port Orleans French Quarter our home, and Akershus is a non-negotiable must do! As a family with significant food allergies and sensory needs, I’ve worked closely with Disney dining and their chefs in house to make sure my girls have safe and exciting dining experiences, and Disney makes the magic happen, every single time, which is one of the reasons Disney is our ultimate travel destination.

My family loves to joke that we keep going to Disney because I love the planning part so much, and truthfully, they’re not wrong! Obsessing over Fast Passes and dining reservations is what I do in my free time, so I’d love to free up some time for you and take care of all of the legwork to help you have the most magical vacation possible.