Magical Vacation Planner Preferred Destinations

Hi, My name is Amanda. I have a wonderful husband and four teenage children who keep me on my toes. We may not be able to agree on what to have for dinner some nights but there is one thing we always agree on… we can’t wait to go back to Walt Disney World!

I grew up on Disney movies; the animated features as well as the live action films. That is where my love of Disney began. Nowadays, I can’t wait to see the next film or TV show or even read the next installment of any book series based on Disney characters. I am a true Disney fanatic.

Since my first trip to Walt Disney World in 2004, I have become enthralled with the richness of the universes created by Disney and its affiliates. There is no better experience than walking into the Magic Kingdom and feeling like a kid again. Each Disney park has so much to offer and each experience is truely magical.

As for my Disney World travels, I have been to the parks a total of 10 times in the past 14 years. I have traveled with groups ranging from 2-15 so coordinating for any size group is no problem. I have also traveled with toddlers, kids, tweens, teens and even grandparents so I know what attractions, events and restaurants appeal to almost any vacationer. I understand the Fast Pass+ system as well as the Disablity Access Service Pass, having used both many times over the years.

From travel and resort to dining and fast pass recommendations, let me help with the details so you can focus on getting ready for the most magical vacation ever.