Magical Vacation Planner Preferred Destinations

I began my love of travel in high school and have explored parts of Europe, islands in the Caribbean, many areas of the US on short and long trips, cruises and to visit with friends and family.

Disney World holds a special place in my heart and I have visited over over 35 times, staying in most of the resorts. Most of the trips were with my Mom, who now suffers from Alzheimer’s.  I will always have those memories and we do still travel together, along with my best friend and their extended family.  My personal experience of traveling with seniors and the disabled, especially in the last few years has definitely given me a different perspective and knowledge that I enjoy sharing with my clients.  Anything I can do to make someone else’s vacation easier is why I am a Magical Vacation Planner.

My creative side is fueled by my handmade soap, bath & body products and candle business. Supporting those who have home businesses, small local businesses and especially those who work from home to care for family members has given me joy. Any small way I can be of help to others is a blessing to me.

Allergic to peanuts, I have a perspective on traveling for those with life-threatening allergies and understand the risks. I have met with many of the chefs in Disney World over the years, planned vacations for others with food allergies and am active with groups keeping up to date on all the risks and safety measures.