Magical Vacation Planner Preferred Destinations

I think I may have caught the “Disney bug” at birth. I grew up in Anaheim, right next to the original house of the Mouse. We were annual passholders throughout my childhood and I have visited Disneyland over 100 times. I moved to Indiana as a teenager and my new Disney destination became Disney World. Over the years I’ve planned trips for just me and my husband, girls’ trips with my mom and sister, trips for just my family of four and trips for my extended family. On my last trip to Disney World, we used Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) since both my nephew and my daughter are autistic and have special travel needs. I have navigated Disney many times with family members who have physical disabilities, so I know the extras that are needed in the parks. Although I love Disney, it is not my only passion. I lived in St. Augustine, Florida for awhile and my husband and I were Universal annual passholders. I also LOVE to cruise, so if you need help sailing the seven seas, I’d love to share my tips and plan your trip. One of my life goals is to travel this entire globe of ours, which I’ve been able to do in part through my full-time job as a high school English teacher. This is my 22nd year in the classroom and as part of my job, I’ve gotten to lead student tours to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Germany. This summer I’m taking students to Italy and Greece. I’ve got years of experience traveling with kids, including my own who are now 9 and 12. My goal is to make sure your next vacation is as magical as all of mine have been.